RolofDynamics Church Watch

RolofDynamics Church Watch is a church management software that designed for effective, long-term success in church administration. Manage your church’s greatest ministry resource—member data—with a suite of tools that allows many tasks to be automated and accessible. Our Church software offers a full-range of options that serve not only staff and ministry leaders, but also lay leaders, members, visitors, volunteers, and children..




Why RolofDynamics Church Watch is unique

  •   Keep track of members and ministry lists with a customisable database.

  •    Send personalised SMS’s and beautiful emails to your congregation.

  •    Your church’s very own mobile app, in perfect sync with your database.
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  •    Manage your kids church ministry with ease.

  •    Build a thriving small group culture in your church.

  •    Add first-time visitors to your church

  •    Upload and stream sermons from the app.

  •     Connect whole spiritual families and multi-site churches.

  •     Expiry and manufacturing date tracking

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